MONTE’S RANCH was created with the support and partnership of the Moravia-Silesia Region as part of a small ranch with small-scale breeding of domestic animals. Its location affords it an interesting environment suited to riders travelling in the countryside near Vitkov, in the Moravia-Silesia Region.

You can take advantage of essential services and facilities for looking after your horse, storing equipment and refreshments for riders, quickly and easily.

During the first stage of reconstruction, accommodation at MONTE’S RANCH is either camping or the classic way, on hay in the barn.

The way the ranch is organised means riders can actually arrive and take care of their horses at any time without there needing to be anybody there, even in the evening or at night.

The ranch is fully functional and lit, and its location at the edge of the village is not disruptive in any way for other inhabitants.

Refreshments do not include hot food except for meals and drinks prepared on an open fire, but you can get organic tinned meat, both types of drinks, and farm eggs.

You can easily find out for yourself what you can get out of a horseback ride through the central parts of the region, along the trails that weave amongst the River Oder and the picturesque canyon of the Moravice River, or the plains with a view to the Jeseniky Mountains in the shadows of the Beskydy Ridges.

The scenic riders programme can add a ride to our partner ranch at Nove Lublice supported by the Moravia-Silesia Region on marked trails built with the region’s support.

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